From Time Immemorial

“There’s no use trying” said Alice. “One can’t believe impossible things.”


Alice in Wonderland

Those are the opening words of Joan Peters’ book “From Time Immemorial”. Unlike Alice, who insists on only believing in the possible, Peters exposes how the world believes in the myth of Palestinian refugees, a myth built on a series of false premises. “From Time Immemorial” shatters the axioms of the Palestinian narrative, one after the other.

Shortly after its release in 1984, “From Time Immemorial” became a best seller in the US and in Britain and received various awards. The book is a must for everyone who cares about human rights and historic truth and wants to understand the facts from a scientific and fact-based point of view. The book proves that for the Palestinian struggle in Israel, human rights are just a cover up for the assault on the basic rights of the Jewish people.

“Zionist Horizon- the Center for Zionist leadership” decided to build an easy and accessible website to allow everyone to experience the content of the book at the desired level and depth. For that purpose , with funding from The Israel Independence Fund , the more than 400-page book was summarized into a concise and attractive version. We hereby invite everyone to tour the website and learn the truth about Arab refugees, Jewish-Arab relations in the Land of Israel and in the Arab world, and about the attitude of the world towards Zionism.

Was the Land of Israel inhabited prior to Zionism?

Were Arabs expelled from their lands as a result of the Zionist movement? What was the
British/Ottoman position on this matter?

Are the Arabs who were in Israel in 1948 a separate, independent nation?

What is an Arab refugee? What is the purpose of such unique definition?
Do the UN and the Arab Countries work towards helping the Arab refugees from Israel?

Despite claims about the existence of an ancient Palestinian people, the concept of a Palestinian nation
started developing only about a hundred years ago as a reaction to the Zionist movement. Before that
period, the Arab population in the land of Israel was considered an integral part of Syrian and Jordanian
Arabs of today, and not as a separate nation..Read More…
Did the Jews abandon the Land of Israel from the destruction of the Second Temple until the
beginning of Zionism?
What was the status of Jews in Arab countries throughout history and until today?


What was the attitude of the Arabs towards Jews in the Land of Israel during the 20th century and
specifically during WW2?
What was the attitude of the Ottoman authorities towards Jews in the land of Israel and towards the
Zionist movement?
What was the British Mandate? Did Britain fulfill its commitment?