About the Site

‘From time immemorial’ by Joan Peters is one of the most influential history books written on the Zionist movement and on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Joan Peters herself made an extraordinary path, starting her journey as a pro-Palestinian journalist and human rights activist. Her interest on the subject of the Palestinian refugees had led her to uncover several unknown truths that caused her to fundamentally change her mind

The book shatters the myths regarding the Palestinian refugees and reveals the untold history of the Jewish refugees from Arab countries. The book reflects the story of the conflict from an authentic point of view of human rights, and this makes it an extraordinary source of truth in the ocean of misleading narratives.

This website has been developed by Zionist Horizon to make the book accessible and its knowledge readily available to the wide population. The project harnessed many volunteers (Students who take part of the ‘Zionist Horizon’ program under Dr. Shahar Golan’s supervision) and spanned hundreds of working hours. The website adds visual elements such as animations and interactive content that transform the reading into a memorable and influential experience.

If you want to take part in spreading the truth, debunking false narratives about Israel and Zionism, as well as strengthening the Zionist consciousness and awareness among the young generation in Israel, North America and other countries, you’re invited to contact us  hazonleumi@gmail.com and we’ll contact you.

Many thanks,

Ariel Kallner

Zionist Horizon Chairman